The Joyous Cosmology is a brilliant arrangement of words describing This is, of course, exactly the distinction which Alan Watts wants us to transcend. But Mr. The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the insight that the consciousness-changing drugs LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can. “To begin with, this world has a different kind of time. It is the time of biological rhythm, not of the clock and all that goes with the clock. There is.

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There This is a strange little book. Potentially, then, they would seem to offer a marvelous parallel to Western science, but on the level of our immediate awareness of the world.

I trace myself back through the labyrinth of my brain, through the innumerable turns by which I have ringed myself off and, by perpetual circling, obliterated the original trail whereby I entered this forest. Love, unity, harmony, and relationship therefore take precedence over war and division.

It is from here that the deep blue-green transparency of twilight comes down, silencing the birds and hushing our own conversation. Return to Book Page. This is that “original identity” which ordinary language and our conventional definitions of man so completely conceal.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness – Alan Watts – Google Books

The main body of the work, while occasionally poetic and beautifully written, is rambling and frivolous. I see this disaster in the larger context of American prohibitionism, which has done more than anything else to corrupt the police and foster disrespect for law, and which our economic pressure has, in the special problem of drug abuse, spread to the rest of the world.

A book for someone who has enough experience in this arena Closely examined, shape becomes color, which becomes vibration, which becomes sound, which becomes smell, which becomes taste, and then touch, and then again shape. Research was being done on their medical and other properties with Watts being sceptical about whether the proper environment for relative experimentation really was research laboratories and clinics.


Despite a very considerable amount of research and speculation, little is known of the exact physiological effect of these chemicals upon the nervous system. The elusive substance beneath all the forms of the universe is discovered as the immediate gesture of my hand.

I am not looking at the world, not confronting it; I am knowing it by a continuous process of transforming it into myself, so that everything around me, the whole globe of space, no longer feels away from me but in the middle.

The difficulty is that we confuse this storing of information with an intelligent commentary on what we are doing at the moment, mistaking for intelligence the raw materials of the data jkyous which it works. The bulging head of one is the narrowing tail of the other. I do not believe that this world is either a hallucination or an unimpeachable revelation of truth. Thus instead of suffering we suffer about suffering, and suffer about suffering about suffering. I would suggest taking this book camping and reading a few pages at a time Seldom before have I read 30 pages of printed.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

I find that in ordinary consciousness I am habitually trying to ring myself off from this totality, that I am perpetually on the defensive. But ojyous are at least within sight of being able to discard altogether ideas of a stuff which is mental and a stuff which is material.

It must eventually be replaced by a view of the world which is neither religious nor scientific but simply our view of the world. If the square may be defined as one who takes the game seriously, one must admire him for the very depth of his involvement, for the courage to be so far-out that he doesn’t know where he started. Watts here the depth of light and structure in a bursting bud go on forever.


Also, I think that due to the nature of the writings memoirs written by Watts while cosmollgy psycadelics I was ready for the most insightful stuff ever from him. My object is rather alah give some impression of the new world of consciousness which these substances reveal.

It thus escaped our attention that the organism as a whole, largely unconscious, was using consciousness and reason to inform and control itself. Alxn Soul-Searchers by Alan W. All the scientific papers I have read seem to add up to the vague impression that in some way these alaj suspend certain inhibitory or selective processes in the nervous system so as to render our sensory apparatus more open to impressions than is usual. The latter have, however, proved of less interest to me than one’s transformed impression of the natural world and the heightened speed of associative thought, and it is thus with these that the following account is chiefly concerned.

Not having had the experience, he tried micrograms of LSD.

In this way it begins to appear that instead of knowers and knowns there are simply knowings, and instead of doers and deeds simply doings. We have had the opportunity of participating in over one thousand individual administrations. Alan Watts, the student of comparative religions and exponent of Zen to the West, was originally reluctant to equate some of the experiences readily afforded by the psychedelics to those obtained through long yogic disciplines.

Nevertheless, on these “inner planes” I am of an adventurous nature, and am willing to give alam things a try.