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Most employers consequently prevent migrant workers from joining trade unions.

Labour Behind the Label, UK. As a result, it caused the employment of workers through this system was not efficiently and effectively controlled.

The complainant indicates that following several widely reported cases of abuse of Indonesian domestic workers, it decided to organize domestic workers by registering an association of domestic workers under the Societies Act. Well, finally we have obtained a proper response from the Malaysian government. In connection with that, whatever decision made is only based pinxaan the interest of both parties being worker rights and employer interest which have to be balanced.

Person attending the training To register additional delegates, please complete the information on separate enrolment form Pinvaan According to a source privy to what had transpired at the meeting, a final solution was not worked out but Miti has given its assurance that it will hammer out a conclusion to the problem on condition that the strike is called off.

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These outsourcing companies recruited local workers and migrant workers, some on fix term contracts, with terms and conditions usually less favourable than that of workers directly employed by principals.

They are, security of tenure — ensuring permanence of employment, and proprietary right to the job — where termination of worker, shall be only with just cause and excuse and by due process. Subscribe To Posts Atom. The amendment was meant to expand to expand the scope of usage so that it covers and includes the relationship between principal, pekerjazn and sub-contractors that provide manpower.

Thai Labour Campaign, Thailand. Outsourcing of work is when principal employer outsources some specified work or operations which are not their core operation, to another company who carries out the work for the principal using their own employees under their own control and supervision.


Whereas the rights of the subcontractors for labour for all the other sector is maintained as was before the Employment Act was amended. Untuk dan bagi pihak.

Mengetahui tentang skop akta dan kategori-kategori pekerja yang dilindungi oleh akta ini Tanggungjawab majikan dan cara menyempurnakannya Documents. This means, the new provisions concerning contractor for labour only applies to contractor for labour carrying out activities of manpower supply in the agricultural and plantation sector only.

In advance, I on behalf of the Ministry wish to record our appreciation to you for giving your viewpoints about the Employment Act Amendment Back to work, discontent lingers While still unhappy at the present situation, the source said drivers will return to work today to help clear the backlog while others will only do so after the weekend break.

The Committee notes that the present case involves allegations of the refusal of freedom of association aktz to migrant workers, including migrant domestic workers, in law and in practice. In making the amendment to labour laws, the Ministry always listens and takes into consideration views and feedback from employers and workers.


It opened doors resulting in a direct assault on the basic foundation of labour rights, the pekerjaam dignity of labour, perpetuating the establishment and operation of dehumanized and bonded labour. The source pekerjazn 15 years experience operating a haulier company said that the association had previously signed kata MoU with the Malaysian Container Depot Association MCDA which promised a waiting time of no more than 40 pekdrjaan but the present situation saw drivers waiting for up to five hours.

Oleh yang demikian pengetahuan yang mendalam dalam undang-undang terutamanya Akta Kerja adalah penting kepada penyelia, pengurus dan anda yang mempunyai staf untuk menjadikan mereka benar-benar kompeten dalam menyelia kakitangan bawah jagaan masing-masing. Tindakan kerajaan Malaysia adalah pengingkaran Artikel 8 Perlembagaan Malaysia. Vide this amendment it also will not provide opportunity to any party who simply want to be or with intention to be contractor for labour to do without complying with the existing labour legislations.

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Despite the baby steps to normalcy, the drivers are still upset over the arrest of 25 of their strikers who were accused of vandalising trucks that refused to join the strike. With regard to this, Ministry would like to explain that the practice of contractor for labour manpower contractors is a global phenomenon and Malaysia is not exempt.

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The Committee considers that the arguments put forward by the Government to explain the Registrar’s refusal to register the association of migrant domestic workers can in no way justify the denial of the fundamental right to organize these workers.

Semua pekerja yang bekerja di bawah kawalan dan penyeliaan prinsipal harus menjadi pekerja-employee prinsipal tersebut bukan mana-mana pihak ketiga.

By taking the spirit of tripartism and caring Government on this issue, besides fulfilling the request of the NUPW that there be provisions enacted to protect the said workers as well as the request of MTUC to maintain the existing provisions, the Ministry has made an Exemption Order under section 2B of the Employment Act Akta 19955 peraturan- peraturan dan Kerja adalah Akta yang menyediakan terma-terma dan syarat-syarat perkhidmatan minima kepada pekerja yang dilindungi oleh Akta.

Thus, in realizing this transformation, the Ministry is of the opinion that the said Employment Pindazn need to be strengthened by making necessary oekerjaan to already existing aktw after taking into consideration the views of workers and employers through a tripartite approach to ensure that the welfare of workers is given clear guarantees in labour legislations so that it is always protected.

The issuance of these outsourcing licenses was strangely done by the Ministry of Home Affairsnot the Ministry of Human Resources.