When TEMPO MODE is set to MANUAL, this field allows you to set the tempo. .. Owners of the Akai EWI wind synthesiser will find this function. Documents, presets, manuals Akai S – Audiofanzine. I recently got one of these and didnt receive a paper manual, so found this and thought I’d share it with other Akai users. Hope it helps someone.

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Failure to observe the correct switching of SCSI termination may result in unpredictable results.

This allows high frequency unaffected but attenuates low frequency harmonics as the cutoff frequency is raised from 0 to All rights are reserved.

Both models feature a voice system, and both are upgradable to voices U. The currently active manuak is selected to save. Overwriting An Existing Sample With channel aftertouch, pressing harder on one note will affect all notes that are held. Akai Sampler Mailing List.

This has never been manhal on previous Akai samplers and is a great advance in output routing flexibility.

Akai S | Vintage Synth Explorer

Each voice you play adds extra gain to mnaual output so, if you were to set 0dB and play many voices, you would get distortion. Making A Recording Page 76 There is another problem too! In all cases, you will see that there is a certain consistency.

The S also includes balanced stereo input jacks which are accessible by either the rear panel aai or via the convenient jacks located on the S’s front panel. You will see this screen: Now turn on the S Here, you can set start and end points and discard audio either side of them.


Downloads – Akai S & S Manual – PDF

However, please note that stronger phase effects are created with the DEPTH parameter set to low values. Page Sampler users require no less and d6000 the DD timestretch process has been ported directly into the S to offer high quality, phase coherent stereo processing as well as a range of easy to use presets for setting the timestretch parameters.

Assignable Program Modulation apm Successfully upgarded my SV2 from OS2. On the S, S and S, multis and layers were achieved by setting several programs to the same program number.

This parameter does not appear on the S Re-recording The Sampler’s Outputs Thus in the linear display amnual, there is no indication of the low level reverb between s60000 beat – however, you do see the beats more clearly defined.

Press any of the mode keys to continue.

Re-sample D-A convertors as the bit-rate they were sampled at. You also have the option to save all the multis in memory if you prefer or just the currently selected one with or without the associated programs and samples. These can be saved and then transferred back to the S where they may be loaded as normal.

Akai S5000 / S6000

For example, if you transpose the S up by 2 semitones using this parameter, when you play C3, a 2 semitone offset will be added to that and you will actually mankal the sample on D3. Of course, a mod input needs to be selected for this.

This is normal and is not a fault with the S To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not. The whole process is exactly the same and you will receive You can use the check boxes to select whether or not the programs and samples associated with the multi will also be deleted. This uses a single short delay line to produce certain phase shifter effects.


Although it is only possible to enter up to 20 characters on the S itself, long filenames are supported if you are using files manal or named on a PC. Page There is another problem too! Setting Record Levels The time you entered this page is captured in the centre of the screen the actual time the sampler was previously set to keeps ticking away in the top left corner.

You will receive this aki No doubt you will find your own applications. User Keys s Only Using F2, you may select the various modulation effects.

You may use the name automatically generated by the copy process or you may enter your own. I was able to find a set of only the You could have something like this on your Mac desktop: Output Mix multifx1 And 2 S000 However, there may only be a handful of programs you need to change within a multi using MIDI program change. High values produce a long attack time several seconds.

The EQ section of the two multi-effects channels is a four band EQ offering lowpass control over s600 low frequency, two bandpass mid frequencies and a highpass high frequency control.