Texas Instruments P Operational Amplifiers – Op Amps are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas. P Semiconductors are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for P Semiconductors. Instruments semiconductor products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. PRODUCTION DATA information is current.

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May 23, 1. Jun 3, Jun 4, I think the high end stereo guys, in particular, have been suseptable to this sort datasjeet pseudo-scientific clap-trap.

4558P Datasheet

They are still available in isolated caches of parts, although they can sometimes be hard to find. I attribute the superior tone to the builder of the box. There is nothing magical about the “new old fatasheet JRC that constitutes spending too much money for a “vintage chip”.

May 24, 9. There were zillions of the real “JRC” made when it was current. Your name or email address: This is where the rec. However, I think the nature of how silicon works vs. If you want a JRC chip for a project, get a new chip from Steve at Dahasheet Bear Electronics who sells them cheap sorry we dont have time to sell chips or small parts.

P Datasheet catalog

It’s a demonstrable fact that the tone quality of op amps varies significantly. On the other hand, I also think we all at least Datqsheet have personally tried some of the products on the idea of “if I can afford it, what can it hurt?

I don’t think I went overboard with the cost on this one. Great points made, truly. May 23, 3. The thing is, op amps are actually fairly complicated devices internally, and can have widely varying behaviors for slew rate, noise, etc, while being “rated” the same in identical conditions.


If you’re doing this to a TS 10, short out the 1K resistor leading to pin 3 of the dual opamp as well. May 23, 4. There are millions of datasheef vintage chips out there in old 70’s electronics junk. The LM sounds great in there and it is a horrible opamp by todays standards. The differences between the TL and the are subtle, but there none the less. Oh, and I should add that it’s unlikely listeners will “get the chips right” in say, blind testing between vintage JRC and new Fairchild.

The TL drives things harder and it is tighter and crisper. The reason adtasheet carbon comp resistor sounds “better” than a film resistor is the additional noise it adds to the circuit. Both have the JRC What have y’all overheard at the musician’s watercooler discussions? No, create an account now.

In addition, the JRCD was used in tons of Japanese audio equipment at about the same time, so a junky cheap Japanese stereo or clock radio could have several hidden inside it.

I don’t think we’ll see a pedal guru doing any sort of semi-scientific chip preference test any time soon though Are the misinformed still spending 30 bucks or more for a “NOS” chip, and 2 “brown sound” resistors?

Put a TL in there and be prepared for an overly bright and brittle sound. These 3, in particular, sounded really, really good.

Saying that the ‘ is the best dual opamp for a TS type pedal is like winning the lottery the very first time you play. I will go as far to say ALL ‘s sound so similar I doubt anyone could hear a difference in a blindfold test.


4558P Datasheet

I liked the 3 listed above enough to ‘splurge’ and order about 15 of each. Sorry to kick over any 4558; cows but this is just my opinion based on my experience. And I started probing really deep around the time that Analogman started offering their wares, oddly enough.

All of the ‘ variants sounded quite similar and ‘good’. Does true “New Old Stock” matter? So I don’t buy the Holy Grail theory.

People are building clones and ditching their ‘real deals’ because dayasheet sound better. There is a post above that is proof positive of this. I didn’t overhear anything. Ben HarmlessJun 4, There is some confusion at present over what is a true or “vintage” JRC I wish I could say that it sounded noticably better but the TL that I put in the amp did! Robbie WMay 24, Conversion to Dafasheet – this seems to be a perennial hot one.

TL my fave The LT was also kinda cool sounding, but not consistently so in the handful of ratasheet that I tried it in. There are probably 3 that most guitarists would agree sound ‘bad.

Cheap Datasheet, find Datasheet deals on line at

Clever marketing can take advantage of this to sell a ten cent amp for ten bucks. Do you already have an account?

They were consistently good. We have not lost technology over the years, like we have with tubes, we have taken the datsaheet technology and made it cleaner in the case of silicon.