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SurveyResponse Return Per Question Type

The second element will include the question ID, the option sku, and the response, which filstype the text the respondent entered in the text field. OCX which is different.

I tried testing your application but upon saving am getting this error Caused by: Comments can be added to any question within the survey. Back to Previous Page. The omega tablet always crops the top and bottom of the signature area white space. Each field returned will include the subquestion ID columnthe row it was piped for, and the response. My question is, what are the possibilities to create a field in the OnClick action, to call the pad interface directly, and to allow the form to be signed, without having to use the dedicated pad software.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Each column of a Custom Table has its own question ID. In addition, the signature can be saved in various graphic formats with or without content of the LCD. Please contact us via info signotec.

The response will be the text the respondent entered. Versions 4 and under. Please contact info signotec. The return will include the question ID, the option SKU for the row, and the response, which is the value selected by the respondent.


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These values are not used in computing the aggregate bayesian average and rank order you see in the Summary Reports. They will appear at the bottom of the SurveyResponse return and will have an ID that corresponds to the question ID with which it is associated. Trucking and Motorcoaches FRA: Regards von Manuel Castro Paliza Custom Tables also make use of our piping functionality to create the fields in the cells of each row.

Also, the complete fjletype of the signature can be recorded and saved encrypted. Think of these as a snapshot of the rank order for that response alone.

Hi, We would like to use your device, with C. As an integrator, you can display content such as images, graphics, text, buttons, etc. The first element will be for the selected option. Comments 15 in total 1 DMS Developer I tried testing your application but upon saving am getting this error Caused by: Either the pixel density or the physical dimensions must be set!

You can integrate it and distribute it without any costs. The signoPAD-API is available free of charge, including all updates, and can be downloaded at any time via the link below.

The return will filetyep the question ID and the response, which is a reporting value. Hi, you make some basic faults.

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Think of each filrtype option as a separate question where the answer can be selected or unselected. The File Upload question returns an array per file with the following fields:.


All components are available as and bit version. We do not have a Mac OSX version. ImageFormat fileType, [more] signotec. Error on updating form data of pdf document with id ‘ Hi we are looking for Omega pads, let us know if this API is free. 110002 Slider List is a series of Slider questions where each row is a question.

First, unlike other grid questions, where the rows are the subquestions, in custom tables, the columns are the subquestions. HNM, heliport noise model: The response will be the option that was selected by the respondent. Was this article helpful? Department of Transportation John A. Updateds and new versions comes for free as well. Can we get the sign as image? Good day team, I’d like to know if this works in a Web-based application, I have a.

This document includes specifics of the SurveyResponse return for all fields in SurveyGizmo that collect data, including all question types, other textboxes, other row headers and comment fields. Hi, of course this is possible. Major enhancements to INM Version filletype.

You can choose between a fix width in pixel or dynamic width depending on the pressure.